Ali Reza Ibrahimzada

I am a CS PhD student in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, IL, United States. My research interests include Software Engineering, Program Analysis, Software Testing, Natural Language Processing, and Deep Learning. I am also a member of the Intelligent CAT Lab advised by Dr. Reyhaneh Jabbarvand since Fall 2022.

Previously, I was a member of Istanbul Technical University’s Bioinformatics and Databases Lab, where I was mainly working with Dr. Ali Cakmak in different domains (i.e., bioinformatics, databases, machine learning). Moreover, I graduated from the Department of Computer Engineering at Marmara University, Istanbul, Turkey.


Perfect Is the Enemy of Test Oracle
  • ESEC/FSE 2022, National University of Singapore November 2022

selected publications

  1. FSE ACM Artifacts Available v1.1 ACM Artifacts Evaluated - Functional v1.1
    Perfect Is the Enemy of Test Oracle
    Ibrahimzada, Ali Reza, Varli, Yigit, Tekinoglu, Dilara, and Jabbarvand, Reyhaneh
    In Proceedings of the 30th ACM Joint European Software Engineering Conference and Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering (ESEC/FSE ’22), November 14–18, 2022, Singapore, Singapore
  2. MBEC
    Predicting the Predisposition to Colorectal Cancer based on SNP Profiles of Immune Phenotypes using Supervised Learning Models
    Cakmak, Ali, Ibrahimzada, Ali Reza, Arikan, Soykan, Ayaz, Huzeyfe, Demirkol, Seyda, Sonmez, Dilara, Hakan, Mehmet Tolgahan, Surmen, Saime Turan, Horozoglu, Cem, Kucukhuseyin, Ozlem, Cacina, Canan, Kiran, Bayram, Zeybek, Umit, Baysan, Mehmet, and Yaylim, Ilhan
    Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing, 2022
  3. JBCB
    Scalable classification of organisms into a taxonomy using hierarchical supervised learners
    Sohsah, Gihad N., Ibrahimzada, Ali Reza, Ayaz, Huzeyfe, and Cakmak, Ali
    Journal of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, World Scientific Publishing Co., Vol. 18, No. 05, 2020